School’s out, for a few days, in Nakusp

"We are advising parents not to send their kids to school," stated School District 10 Superintendent Walter Posnikoff.

Following the BC Teachers’ Federation vote to escalate job action, School District 10 staff are advising parents to keep their kids home for the three-day strike starting Monday March 5.

“We are advising parents not to send their kids to school,” stated School District 10 Superintendent Walter Posnikoff, who also confirmed there would be no bus service during the strike.

Board member Pattie Adam told The Arrow Lakes News that a letter will be going home with students today letting parents know that although schools will be open, there won’t be any instructors on site.

“For student safety, there will always be someone there,” Adam said, recognizing that parents and students do sometimes forget and may end up at the schools during the strike. Principals will be at the schools during regular hours, as will CUPE employees who will continue to work during this non-picketed strike.

A media release from the BCTF revealed that 87 per cent of the province’s teachers who voted agreed that job action escalation was needed.

For its part, the Provincial government has Bill 22 on the table in the legislature. Once passed,  any further strike action taking place before August 31, 2012 will be considered illegal.

“We’re really hoping this mediator will be able to find common ground somewhere,” Adam said in response to the news of the strike action.

“It’s just sad that it’s affecting the kids,” Adam added, and noted the positives have often been forgotten during this acrimonious fight.

“We have some of the best teachers around,” she said, “and we really value the work that they do.”