Really brief notes from the Feb. 27 Nakusp council meeting

Really brief notes from the Feb. 27 Nakusp council meeting

Making it run

The Nakusp Running Club’s upcoming event on May 13, 2012 had received the blessing from the Village. Council moved that Village staff and the Club work together to ensure road closures, insurance requirements and other logistics the event needs to get up and running.

Dollars, not dimes

The request of the producer of the “Dimestore Fisherman” for financial support to film an episode in Nakusp was denied by council. The staff report submitted by Linda Tynan stated that while the Nakusp and Area Development Board, the Chamber of Commerce and the Village Council support a variety of activities in the community, the financial investment  of $21,000 for the one episode was “significant.” The groups all agreed that it may be in the best interest of the Village to focus instead on long-term planning.

A spark for the park

A water park proposal from the Nakusp Rotary Club received support in principal from council. The matter will looked at again by staff before final approval for the project is granted by council.

Easily accessible council meetings

The Village Council will be holding as many of its meetings in the Emergency Services building as possible over the next three months, as the building is fully accessible, unlike the Village office council chambers which sits on top of a set of narrow stairs.