Postal worker strike looms

After issuing a 72 hours lockout notice, work stoppage could occur as early as Friday.

Canada Post workers have promised not to walk off the job before Wednesday, and are still hoping to negotiate a deal before it comes to a strike or lockout.

On July 5, the company announced the issue of the 72 hours lockout notice, meaning there could be a work stoppage as of Friday.

One of the primary bones of contention is the employee pension plan, with the company hoping to switch to a new one the union doesn’t want. They’re also proposing wage hikes.

A representative from Canada Post wrote the union’s proposed plan would add “at least $1 billion” in costs over three years, and also noted two unions have accepted the pension changes.

Currently it’s only the Canadian Union of Postal Workers that’s holding out.

Canada Post last experienced a work stoppage in 2011, which led to 10 days of rotating strikes and a lockout before the workers were legislated back to work by Ottawa.

Canada Post is warning customers of a potential service disruption.