Paving to begin in Burton and Fauquier

Paving is set to begin in early May, and could last until October.

Paving is set to begin soon along Highway 6 in Burton and Fauquier.

It won’t just be the highway itself getting resurfaced, all of the side roads in Burton will be resurfaced, along with some of the side roads in Fauquier.

The resurfacing has been a long time coming. The highway was first put on the list to be resurfaced in 1997.

“I got it pushed up the list when I first got here as an area manager,” said Bart Chenuz, area roads manager for the Ministry of Transportation. “I wanted to have it done. There are a lot of spots where the pavement has sunk in, and the pavement is due for resurfacing.”

Selkirk Paving crews are currently building up supplies at Stony Creek Pit, so resurfacing will begin in early May.

There will be delays because of paving and residents of Burton and Fauquier are asked to be patient during that time.

There will also be delays in getting to the Needles ferry.

“They’re going to do one lane first and then the other lane, so you’ll have single alternating traffic,” said Chenuz. “It’s going to go on for a while.”

Chenuz isn’t sure when paving will be done, but Selkirk Paving has until October to complete the job.