Ellen Weatherhead and Sage Reimer will be able to get ice cream at the theatre soon but no beer

No alcohol in Arrow Lakes Theatre any time soon

It's unlikely that beer will be coming to Arrow Lakes Theatre any time soon, says owner Shelley White.

Is beer coming to Arrow Lakes Theatre?

“No, not really,” said Arrow Lakes Theatre owner Shelley White when asked if it was likely that theatre-goers would be able to sit down in the theatre with a can of beer and watch a movie.

“We’ve got mostly kids,” she said.

Although it’s now legally possible to serve boozy drinks in B.C. public theatres, it won’t affect the beverage offerings at the theatre here in Nakusp, according to White.

The next big thing at the theatre will be soft ice cream cones, which will start to be served once the weather gets and stays warm enough. Until then, it’s not worth the bother, much like beer.

“It’s a lot of work with ice cream,” said White.

Imagine the headache a beer float would create.