NMF Board says no Music Fest for 2012, remains silent about future plans

The Nakusp Music Fest (NMF) will not be holding a festival in 2012, but organizers are hoping to come back for 2013.

The Nakusp Music Fest (NMF) will not be holding a festival in 2012, but organizers are hoping to come back for 2013.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page on January 18, the group thanked their supporters but said nothing about the current state of NMF’s finances or any plans as to how to bring the festival back for 2013.

“It is with deep regret that we announce we will not be hosting a 2012 music festival. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all of our fantastic supporters during the past years. It is our hope that a 2013 music festival may be a possibility that would welcome you back to our beautiful area,” read the brief Facebook post signed “The Board, Nakusp Roots Music Society.”

“It’s very sad for the town,” said Mayor Karen Hamling about the news that the Nakusp Music Fest wouldn’t be happening this year.

“The impact will be felt,” she said, and added that the return of the event in 2013 will likely depend on community involvement.

Mayor Hamling hopes the celebration of Nakusp’s 120th birthday will give residents and visitors something fun to look forward to, even though it won’t be the Nakusp Music Fest.

The Arrow Lakes News contacted the board president Donna Rebman about plans for the future, and was told the Nakusp Music Fest Board was unavailable for further comment at this time.

Nakusp Chamber of Commerce president Kim Reich said the loss of the festival will be a big blow. “The impact to our community in local unpaid debt, incurred by the 2011 music festival revenue shortfall and the loss of future income for our businesses will have deep and resounding implications,” she said in a statement. “We recognize the dedication and countless volunteer hours given by the current board members and the exhaustive search to find a solution to the budget deficit. We understand this decision was not made lightly.”

Nakusp Music Fest administrator Willi Jahnke of Octopus Productions Inc. is an organizer of a new music festival in Penticton. The homepage for the new Rock the Peach Music Fest from July 27–29 lists the organizer of the festival as Willi Jahnke of iRock Entertainment Inc. A post by the administrator of the new festival’s Facebook page says the organizers are the team behind the Nakusp Music Fest.


“It is our intention to establish ‘Rock the Peach Music Fest’ in Penticton as one of North-America’s finest,” Jahnke states on the website’s homepage. “An immediate and long-lasting impact to the local and regional economy will be noticed.” The festival is soliciting sponsors and over 400 volunteers to make the festival sustainable.