New funding enables upgrades for Nakusp Child Care Society

Upgrades include new equipment for outdoor playing.

The Nakusp Child Care Society has been granted funding for upgrades at the child care centre.

Funding for the upgrades are being supported through Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) and their social grants program.

“Mainly what we’re looking for are programs that have a social impact, that are really demonstrating that they’re having a positive impact,” said Wayne Lundeberg, director for the delivery of benefits at CBT.

Lundeberg said the program isn’t restrictive, and is open to a variety of applicants.

“It’s not like we say, ‘This year, we’re going to focus on early childhood, or affordable housing.’ It is open to a broad range ofprograms.”

The upgrades are being done to better meet the needs of staff and children and improve energy efficiency.

“We asked for eight sets of new blinds to keep the building more energy efficient, to keep the heat in the winter, and keep it cooler in the summer,” said Robyn Kicks, grant director for the Nakusp Child Care Society. “We also asked for a new computerfor the administrator. Her computer is really old and slow.”

Along with upgrades to the indoors, there will also be upgrades to the outdoors.

So far, eight new PlasmaCars have been purchased, along with eight strider bikes.

The PlasmaCar is a plastic ride-on toy car designed for children. It can be propelled by wiggling the front steering wheel which isattached to two pivoting wheels touching the ground.

Strider bikes are bikes without pedals that help kids learn how to balance and ride a bike.

Upgrades are expected to be completed by June of this year.

While the indoor upgrades will be used to help the centre become more energy efficient, the outdoor upgrades are all for the kids.

“The outdoor play equipment will help with their physical activity,” said Hicks. “The kids go outside every day, no matter what the weather is, so all that stuff will help them with their coordination and physical activity.