Nakusp Village Council notes for April 23, 2012

Some highlights from the Nakusp Village Council meeting on April 23, 2012.


Campground taken over by Earthworm

Earthworm Yard Care, owned by Lori Enders, has been awarded the 2012 Campground Operations Contract. Council approved the contract and authorized the CAO to sign it with this year’s contractor.

Setback relaxed for renovation

An interesting discussion bubbled up around KRM Ventures Inc.’s application for a variance permit for Kim’s Kustoms Auto Body and Repair shop. The application was to relax the side parcel setback from five meters to zero meters. The CAO pointed out that the only real issue was that future neighbours may have an issue with the change, and that it could be seen as setting a precedent for future applications. The current neighbours have been notified and no feedback had been received by March 22. 2012. Councillor Zeleznik restated that both the Fire Chief and the Public Works Manager have stated they have no issue with the change. Councillor Hughes commented that space is really tight up there and that the variance was important to the business. The application was approved.

Ferry builders considering Nakusp site

More interesting conversation ensued over the location of the Columbia Shake and Shingle mill. The property owners have been approached by the firm expected to be awarded the new ferry building contract, and the estimated time the contract will last is about 18 months.

At the moment, the property is zoned as R5, Resort Residential, and heavy or light industrial isn’t considered an allowable use of the land. The process of changing zoning is a permanent one, and one that takes a considerable amount of time – perhaps as much time as the construction project itself.

The proposal to not enforce the zoning bylaw has come before council because “companies are exploring their options,” said CAO Linda Tynan. At this point, zoning enforcement at the site is theoretical. The contractor’s legal counsel said the company was currently looking at three sites, including this one in Nakusp. The proposal to not enforce the bylaw is a signal to the contractor that their business would be welcome in Nakusp.

Councillor Hughes asked if the Village agrees not to enforce zoning, will the company still need to meet the standards for industry. The CAO replied that environmental standards are enforced by agencies, not the Village, who would only be agreeing to not enforce the zoning bylaw. The motion to not enforce the zoning bylaw was passed.

Words of thanks

A motion to write a thank you letter to Minister Chong and the Premier for the recreation funding that, in combination with the Trails Society’s CBT grant money, will afford a new bridge up at the Nakusp Hot Springs. Council also passed a motion to send a letter of thanks to the CBT as well.

Letters of concern

Council also passed a motion for the Mayor to send a letter of concern to our man on the hill MP David Wilks and the federal government in response to the cutting of Industry Canada’s funding to the Community Access Program (CAP).

“There really is no other service like it in our community,” said Councillor Mueller, who also told Council the $4,000 that was cut from the program made up ten per cent of its total funding.