Nakusp Rail Committee created as a Select Committee of village council

Highlights from the village council meeting of April 25, 2016

Since the first meeting on Jan. 7, the Nakusp Rail Committee has raised over $20,000 to bring the vintage caboose and plow to Nakusp from the Canadian Pacific rail yard in Revelstoke, along with completing phases one and two of their terms of reference.

Phase one included completing fundraising for the transportation and site preparation costs, along with determining where in the village the two pieces of machinery will be located.

Phase two was finding a society to be fiscal managers for the project until the Nakusp Rail Committee has achieved society status. This was completed when the Arrow Lakes Historical Society agreed to be that fiscal manager.

The committee is now in phase three. They have applied for the name Nakusp Rail Society and have had that name approved. They will be having their second meeting on May 1 to complete the application process for society status and become registered.

The following people have been appointed to the Rail Committee’s select committee: Tracy Fetters, Rob Glenworth, Beth McLeod, Len Smith, and Cedra Eichenauer. Tom Zeleznik will be on the committee as a liason for village council.


Fire Chief’s report

To date, there have been 19 incidents in the area, including one vehicle fire, two cooking fires, four motor vehicle incidents, three burning complaints, and one fallen tree on a Telus line.

Backyard burning is now permitted as per Fire Bylaw 588 and permits are available from the fire chief or at the village office for fires under one meter in size. Larger piles have to be authorized by the fire chief only. Volunteer firefighters’ weekly practices are ongoing which include training, scheduling of courses, safety meetings, and also had live fire training on a house burn.


Director’s report for Recreation and Parks

The village has applied for and received a pesticide license through the Ministry of Environment. The licence now permits the village to conduct pesticide operations as needed on public lands in the municipality. Work began on the design and implementation of a pesticide program that fully complies with provincial and federal statutes pertaining to pesticide application. Training was provided to staff in the safe application of pesticides. In addressing the mayor and council on this update, Terry Welsh, the director of Recreation and Parks said pestices would only be used as a last result.

The chalet roof project, scheduled to begin during the spring shutdown of the hot springs, has begun. The project is expected to be a minimum of one month in duration, subject to any unforeseen work requirements. The chalets will be available for booking during the construction period.