Nakusp 120th birthday a soggy celebration

The variable forecasts had everyone guessing whether they’d be dressing in their vintage bathing costume or antique wellingtons.

Beautiful weather came and went the week before the July 1 long weekend, and the variable forecasts had everyone guessing whether they’d be dressing in their vintage bathing costume or antique wellingtons.

Saturday arrived at last with a good start: sun breaking through cottony clouds, but it didn’t last. By the time the dog contests were being held on Broadway, the sky had thickened with clouds and was dumping rain.

Still, there were enough entries for a good show of competition from the dogs and their owners. Ranging in size from two and a half pounds (“Little Girl”) to nearly a couple hundred (“Vixen”), the dogs put on a show for the folks crowded beneath awnings and umbrellas.

Every dog has his or her day, but most of the canine contestant looked like they would have preferred to have theirs on a drier day. Doggies and their owners lined up to take part in Dog Sense’s canine contest, which included most similar owner and pet, biggest and smallest dog, and tricks.

The wet weather had more than one dog declining to sit, even when asked to. Others were full of pep, leaping into the air to catch a ball or jump over a leg.

Fickle, the rain stopped in time for the wackiest beard contest, which was an equal-opportunity event with the number of female contestants just under par with the men. Yes, the General Store’s Wackiest Beard Contest had entrants of all ages and sexes. In fact, the winner of the weirdest beard contest, chosen by applause from the audience, was the youngest of all the contestants, and one of the more, well, female participants. She wasn’t alone, however. A long-bearded contestant, the ZZ Top of Canada (Zed Zed Top?) was also of the feminine persuasion, as was the bearer of a stylish mink beard. Talk about taking the idea of a “beard” to the next level! Way to go ladies.

After that, it was time to stop and dry out as much as possible over lunch in preparation for the afternoon activities. With activities scheduled to take place in the street, but possibly at the arena if the weather was wet, there was some confusion, and a few different party-goers were spotted trekking between Broadway and the arena.

The post-lunch weather was as unpredictable as the morning, and the Mat Hatter Doodlers outside Prima Materia were lucky enough to get a good dollop of sun before torrential rains poured down during the auctioning of their collaborative drawings. The doodle art sold for between $20 and $51 apiece, with some serious bidding wars breaking out over at least one piece of art. All funds raised went to the Nakusp Food Bank.

Before anyone knew it, night had fallen and the band had started playing for the family dance.