Local artists search for a place to call their own

Several local artists are looking for a shop in which to display and sell their work.

One thing that can’t be denied is that Nakusp is a village full of artists.

This becomes very obvious between July and September during the annual Arrow Lakes Fine Arts Guild (ALFA) Art Walk, where various businesses in the community showcase work by local artists.

But what about the rest of the year?

Studio Connexion, a private gallery, showcases artists from around the area, but the gallery is only open from early spring to early fall.

There isn’t a shop open year-round for local artists to feature their work.

This might soon change.

A group of artists are coming together with the hope of opening a store that would sell work made exclusively by local talent.

Christine Meyer is spearheading the project.

So far she is in planning stages, letting local artists know about the idea and seeing who is interested.

“Three for sure,” she said. “And three others like the idea, but they’re not on board yet, it’s too early for them.”

The store would feature paintings, photography, pottery, jewellery, and more.

The work chosen to be showcased would continually change, giving all the artists involved a chance to highlight their work.

Amy Surina is one of the artists interested in taking part in the shop, and thinks the idea of a space for local artists is a great one.

“We have so many artists, but not really one place for them,” she said. “You see a little bit in one shop, and a little bit in another shop, but there’s not really a place where everybody can come together.”

The plan is to open the store before Christmas, giving residents another opportunity to shop locally.

Both women think having the shop in town will be a great way to promote local artists and their work.

“I think it’s kind of like a way of saying ‘We’re here,’” said Surina. “It’s kind of a community way of supporting all the artists in one place.”