Falcons player Avery Coulthard tries to take the puck from a member of rival team

Falcons go all out in final home games of the season

Falcons faced both old and new competitors in their final two home games of the season.

The Nakusp Peewee Falcons earned a win and a tie in their last two home games of the season Saturday thanks in part to somehigh-scoring heroics from Isaac Flammand.

The first game was against the Coeur d’Alene Thunder from Idaho. This was the first time the teams had played each otherthis season.

Things got off to a good start for the Falcons. They scored the first goal about three minutes into the first period.

This was followed by a bit of confusion a few minutes later as the puck was somehow lost after the Falcons tried for another goal.

About halfway through the period, the Thunder scored their first goal, followed shortly by another one.

With a minute left in the period, the Falcons managed to tie up the game 2-2.

Throughout the game, the Thunder proved to be a formidable team. So formidable in fact, the two teams were even ineverything from penalties to goals.

The game ended in a 4-4 tie, with Flammand scoring all of the Falcons’ goals.

“I was pretty surprised when I scored the fourth one,” he said. “It was pretty amazing.”

Flammand thinks the team played well.

“For the last couple of minutes, we kind of died down when we were on the power play,” he said. “I think we should have put a little more effort in trying to keep it on our side so they didn’t score that last goal, but we played pretty good.”

The team’s second game against the Kaslo Winterhawks went just as well.

The arena was noticeably quieter, and the Falcons looked a little bigger than their Kaslo counterparts.

Because players on the Kaslo team were a little smaller, some of the bigger Falcon members stayed off the ice, and youngermembers were brought up.

“I scratched the overage,” said Falcons coach Wayne Hascarl. “I gave them a choice if they wanted to play, because it was a weaker team. We brought Dakota [Fizzard] up from the Atoms to play.”

The Falcons blasted the Winterhawks 8-1.

After the two games, Nakusp placed third in the standings, which Hascarl thinks is a good showing for Nakusp.

Coming up, the team heads to Boundary for the playoffs on Feb. 28.

“We’re bringing home the banner,” Hascarl concluded.