A weight of difference at the Nakusp landfill

The landfill will soon be getting a weight based scale, an improvement over the the volume based scale it has now.

Residents taking their trash to the local landfill will soon see a difference in how they’re charged when dumping off their garbage.

The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) has recently announced plans to install a new scale for weighing trash to determine tipping fees at the site. Tipping fees are the charges that are applied to drop off material at landfill sites. Currently the landfill charges fees based on the volume of garbage brought to the site. Weigh scales are considered to be the best practise for ensuring fair charges to the customers at the landfill.

“The most modern sites have weigh scales as the basis of payment,” said Mike Morrison, resource recovery manager with the RDCK. “Volume scales are not as fair as weight based charges.”

Most residents will likely not notice a difference in their fees, with a couple of exceptions. Those who typically bring lightweight, bulky materials might see their fees drop, whereas those who are bringing very dense and heavy materials might see their tipping fees increased.

The scale is about 35 feet long, and is sized to accommodate a typical commercial collection vehicle, or a residential pick up truck towing a dump trader. An attendant’s hut will be on one side of the scale.

Another notable change coming to the landfill is a new recycling area, which is going to be placed in front of the scale.

“Residents who are just using the recycling depot won’t have to cross the scale in order to access the household recycling drop off area,” said Morrison.

KNC. Ltd. of Nakusp has been awarded the contract to build the scale. Construction is expected to start on Aug. 9, and will take between eight to ten weeks to complete.

The landfill will remain open during that period, and minimal disruption to the public is expected. A one-day closure during the later stages of construction might be required, but the RDCK will give notice if this is necessary.