There were creatures of the human

A paracosm of fun at the Old Fire Hall

The third annual Art Party was a hit with residents and visitors alike.

Residents and visitors were transformed into otherworldly creatures on May 6 for the biannual Art Party at the Old Fire Hall.

Like every party, this one had a theme. This season’s theme was ‘Paracosm.’

A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world. Commonly having its own geography, history, and language, it is an experience that is often developed during childhood and continues over a long period of time.

No matter where you were on the property, art was to be found in some way shape or form.

There was a slide show running in the back room of the fire hall, featuring photography from Chillia Zoll, Noel Fudge, Lee Orr, Julia Burger, and iCandy Films.

The Arrow Lakes Historical Society also had a display, bringing a blast from the past to the event.

New at this event was a poetry forum in the main room, which featured the works of Barbara Curry Malcahy, Linda Crossfield, and Art Joyce, who performed his piece Dead Crow.

Upstairs, partygoers were encouraged to “Go Art Yourself,” as face-painting and costume rentals were available by donation.

The beer garden expanded a little as well, with an outdoor stage set up for various artists performing throughout the night.

Food was also sold at the event this year, prepared by chef Tyler Leeson.

While there was a lot of art on display in various forms, there seemed to be fewer artists at the event.

Kate Tupper, one of the party’s organizers, confirmed this.

“There was less visual art because we had two cancellations,” she said. “One, his father died, and the second, she got a chance to go to Scotland. I didn’t have the energy to chase around more art last minute, I just had to call it, and Art Party changes all the time.”

Many of the people who came to the party were from other parts of the province, including Nelson and Revelstoke. Just as many were from Nakusp, including Crystal Unger.

Unger has been to every Art Party so far. Her photography was also featured in the Art Party of November 2016.

She thinks having this kind of event is really important for the village.

“I feel like they’ve brought out a lot of the artists in the area that haven’t really been known for what they do, and it’s a really good way for everyone to get together and get to know each other,” she said. “After we lost Music Fest, I think we were really lacking in something to bring out the younger people and the more energetic part of the town, so I think it’s a really good asset.”

This is something the organizers like to hear.

“Everyone is so amazing,” said Tupper. “I’ve heard thank you so many times, because it is a lot of work, it’s a ridiculous amount of work, and our whole team just pulls together.”

Organizers plan on taking a break before starting to come up with ideas for the next Art Party.