Volunteer Brian Kennelly and librarian Sabina Iseli-Otto getting ready to deliver books to homebound patrons.

The books are ready to read

The Nakusp Library wants to make sure you all know that we can bring books and movies to you.

A lot of you are very excited about the Historical Society’s addition to the Centennial Building. We’re excited, too, and it’s not just because it’s a natural fit to have the archives, museum, and public library all working together — it also means that our building will become accessible to people who have difficulty climbing our stairs.

Until the elevator becomes part of our reality, we want to make sure you all know that we can bring books and movies to you. If you’re home-bound, recovering from surgery, or just not able to make it up our stairs, we can bring you anything from the library.

What kinds of requests can you make? Here are five things people have asked for (nothing is too strange for us, and there’s no such thing as boring):

1. I like books by Barbara Kingsolver but I’ve read everything she’s written. Can you bring me some books by writers who are kind of like her? I read in bed and have trouble with my hands so I prefer paperbacks over hardcover books.

2. Do you have any light-hearted movies about Ireland? I don’t have a DVD player, so they need to be video cassettes.

3. Our five-year-old granddaughter is coming to visit next week. She loves hockey and is fascinated by butterflies. Can you bring us some books that we could read together ( I doubt books about hockey-playing butterflies exist — maybe there’s a market there)?

4. I like mysteries but not when they contain violent deaths, sexual assault, or child abuse. I like cats a lot, and enjoy stories featuring gutsy artists. Help?

5. I do a lot of woodworking and knitting. Can you please bring me some books on those topics so that I can learn some new techniques?

What we’re trying to say is that we’re up for delivering just about anything. We can even bring you ten books by one author in case you can’t remember what you have or haven’t read – you can read the ones you want, and we’ll take the rest back to the library for the other readers. Just about any request is fair game.

We generally lend books for three weeks at a time, and movies for one week. You can borrow as many items as you like, for free, with a library card. Library cards are free to all residents of Nakusp, and parts of Area K. If you’re not sure which parts, give us a call and tell us where you live.

Still wondering if we have anything fit for you? Please call us; we love talking about our services, and we love finding Just The Thing For You.

Regular delivery and pick-up is available from Nakusp to Burton. We might be able to make arrangements if you live farther afield – please call us to enquire. If you know of someone who might benefit from a library delivery, please clip this article and pass it along! Call us at the library at 250-265-3363.