The Summit Lake Racers are back this winter.

Summit Lake Racers ready for slopes

The Summit Lake Racers are preparing for another exciting season on the slopes.

  • Sat Dec 8th, 2012 5:00pm
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The Summit Lake Racers are preparing for another exciting season on the slopes and thanks to the support of parents, volunteers and local organizations we are off to a great start. There has been an excellent turnout of racers for our pre-season dry land training as well as a positive response at the recent annual meeting. Check out the cool Summit Lake Racers video on YouTube.

The Summit Lake Racers is a ski and snowboard race league for children and youth that is based out of the Summit Lake Ski Area.

The SLR club is a volunteer-run league that has been active for almost 25 years, providing a fun and exciting opportunity for ski and snowboard racers in the Nakusp and New Denver areas.

We emphasize development of a life-long love for winter sports and building skills through team-centred practice and race participation.

Racers develop technical skills in a supportive, motivating environment as they prepare to experience the challenges and rewards of competition.

The SLR members belong to the provincial governing bodies for ski (BC Alpine) and snowboard (BC Snow Board Association) sports in B.C.

All events that we participate in are sanctioned by these organizations. Younger racers participate in the West Kootenay zone of the Nancy Greene Ski League. High school racers participate at the annual BC High School provincial ski and snowboard championship race.

Alumni of the SLR have competed at the provincial, national and Junior World Levels for skiing and snowboarding.

The SLR club works closely with the Summit Lake Ski Area to deliver a successful racing program. Practices are held at the hill every weekend from January to March.

Each year our organization hosts the Summit Lake Club Races, a hugely popular event for ski club members, racers, families and everyone in between! We also host a Nancy Greene zone race with competitors coming from Salmo, Whitewater, Red Mountain and Phoenix Mountain in Grand Forks.

Last year was a great year for participation in the SLR program with many new racers joining the ranks. It was great to see all the new faces and enthusiasm.  We would like to thank all the board members, coaches, and coordinators who volunteered countless hours to make the 2012 season such a success.

As some of our racers grow out of the league, our volunteer parent-coaches will also be moving on and new coaches are needed to ensure the program is maintained.

Coaches working with the Nancy Greene Ski League must be a certified CSCA coach. We encourage anyone who is interested to take the training and become a qualified CSCA coach. Please contact one of our board members or coaches listed below for more information.

If you are thinking about taking the certification, but would like to get your feet wet (or cold) first, assisting our coaches is a great introduction to understanding coaching requirements.

As well, we also encourage parents to get involved and help out. There are many ways you can contribute to the success of the program.

Registration for the 2012 season was held on Saturday, November 24 at the Nakusp Arena Auditorium.

For more information about the SLR club or registration, please contact Frances Swan (250 265 4818), Troy Clark (250 265-2127) Barb Lewis (250 265 3076) or Brenda McQuair (250 265 4327).