Libraries help with resolutions

The Nakusp Public Library like to encourage people make the most of their New Year’s resolutions.

Here at the Nakusp Public Library, we absolutely love helping people. At this time of year, we like to encourage people make the most of their New Year’s resolutions. Whether you keep them or not is your business. Our business is making sure you know that we can help you with your life’s goals and big questions all year round.

Librarians probably don’t know alot of specific “stuff” about your interests.  But, we are here to help find the questions that get you moving in the right direction.

Learn Something New

Libraries are dens of learning. What’s the best way to start? Come to the library and take out 10 books on 10 different topics, or 10 books on one topic. At home, set them next to your couch and grab a cup of something warm or bubbly. Read the first chapter of every one of the books you took out, and then decide which ones were worth reading, and which ones you’re taking straight back to the library. That way, you don’t waste your time learning about something that’s not interesting. You might just surprise yourself with a new interest in scuba diving, wolf biology, the moral hazards of a corporate kleptocracy, ghost towns, woodworking projects, trips to France, surrealist poetry, German biographies, or different interpretations of the meaning of life. The possibilities in a public library are endless.

Fix Things

Think for a couple of minutes about some of the projects that you want to get around to doing, but aren’t sure how to start. Do you need to make a repair but feel anxious about making a mess? We have handy books. We also have helpful videos. We have things that you can’t find on the Internet (or in the recesses of your helpful friends’ brains), and they’re free. If we don’t have what you want, we can either get it for our library or borrow it from somewhere else in BC. If you need to fix an engine or a car, we can show you how to use the online manuals we have, and there are thousands of them for all kinds of engines, and all kinds of vehicles. Think we don’t have what you need? Test us: call the library (3363) or email us ( with your request.

Save Money

Okay, by now I hope you already know that library cards are free and borrowing stuff from the library is free. You come in and you can get free books, free movies, free computer time, free ideas, free audiobooks for your long-haul car rides, free kids’ movies, free ebooks for your reader, free magazines, and more. And if that isn’t enough free entertainment, we also have books about saving money.

Figure Things Out

Maybe you’re looking for relationship advice.  Or you’re still smoking cigarettes years after you promised you’d quit. Maybe you’d like to communicate better with your kids. Maybe you grew up in a religious family but drifted away from that community, and want to be reminded of what you learned. Or perhaps you need somewhere to sit and think, or sit and read with your kids. You get the point: we have books.

Spend More Time With Family

There are very few places where, for free, you can sit, read, be warm, stay until closing, AND leave with a bag of loot. Many people come to the library with their friends and families to sit or talk. Some come with their grandchildren to practise reading. Some people come to the library looking for company, and others for solitude. Whatever you’re looking for, we invite you to consider the library the next time you want to get out or relax with your kids.

The library is open on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 — it’s a great time and place to help kids with homework, or relax with a pile of stories before bedtime.

Welcome to 2012! We hope you have a wonderful year, and that you’ll spend some of it with us. Remember: no matter what you want to do, the library will be there for you.