Don’t worry

Learning how to paddle

The Nakusp Paddling Club brought in two certified instructors to teach Nakuspians water safety June 23 and 24.

The rain showers over the June 23-24 weekend did not dampen the spirits of a group of paddlers who showed up at the marina with their canoes and kayaks, determined to improve their paddling skills.

The Nakusp Paddling Club brought in two certified instructors, Neil Trouton from Kamloops and Gordon Newnes from Salmon Arm, both experienced flat water and white water paddlers. The two paddling teachers were assisted by NPC member Nat Howard.

Offered at a nominal fee thanks to a grant from the Nakusp and Area Community Foundation, the main emphasis of the lessons was on water safety, including rescue equipment and how to use it. The instructors were the willing “victims” who fell into the water many times throughout the weekend and were rescued by their students. However, only one local club member felt brave enough to enter the cold lake waters on Saturday.

Although the lessons were scheduled to last three hours, the instructors were keen, and so they lasted quite a bit longer. Only the thunder and lightning on Saturday afternoon kept the paddlers off the lake.

The participants ranged from those with several years experience to those who had never been in a canoe before, and fortunately the instructors were flexible, accommodating the needs of all. Everyone agreed at the end of the day that they had learned new skills, valuable new information and, in spite of the weather, had found it to be great fun!

The Nakusp Paddling Club will be taking their new-found skills out on the lake twice a week in their Voyageur canoe which can hold up to ten paddlers. If you’re interested in trying a group paddle in the Voyageur, or in joining the club, contact Barb Towle at 250-265-4225 or