The Arrow Lakes

This Week in History: October 10

This Week in History features a selection of stories from the Arrow Lakes News archives.

October 8, 1942

Arrow Lakes hotel in Edgewood completely destroyed by fire

A fire broke out with startling suddenness in the roof of the hotel in Edgewood about noon on Friday. Help was quickly forthcoming from the residents of the village and valley. Some furniture was salvaged before the fire became too fierce. It was feared that the post office and store would burn also, but when it was found that it was hopeless to save the hotel, all energies were spent on saving the nearby buildings. The destruction of the hotel and contents is a terrible loss to Mr. and Mrs. Neiderman and is also greatly felt by the community. It was one of the finest hotels on the Arrow Lakes and much patronized by travellers and holiday makers. Surely it is time some adequate means of dealing with the fire hazard should be arranged. The lake is close to the village and an engine and hose would most likely have prevented a complete loss.

October 19, 1952

Nakusp landmark being torn down

One of the oldest landmarks dating back to 1893 is this week biting the dust in Nakusp with the tearing down of the old F.W. Jordan store. The building has seen the mule trains loading and squealing before its doors, prior to the completion of the Slocan railway. It has seen the barter and trade with the Indians, loaded beneath their glistening Winter’s catch of furs. It has watched the early prospector who first came in his youth, gradually hauling in his step with rheumatism and old age, as he picked up his yearly grub stake – most of whom are now across the Great Divide and God Bless them, they were many of the finest characters in the world. Above all else, I think it was the most remarkable store in the world to have kept solvent with ten pairs of shoes to supply, certainly it seemed like every month for the ten kicking, hard-wearing Jordan. Through the hand of workmen last week to the town dump went some millions of dollars in cancelled cheques which has been paid out in payroll and supplies for saw milling, pole making and logging in or adjacent to Nakusp in the last thirty years. So, it is symbolic in Nakusp’s diamond jubilee, those of us who knew you and loved you say, fare ye well.

October 13, 1982

Thieves take keyboard terminal from school

Thieves broke  into the Nakusp Secondary School on Saturday night and stole the input keyboard from one of the Apple II computers. Entry was gained through smashing a window in the computer room and in an attempt to get away, the thieves pulled over the display terminal and smashed it on the floor. The keyboard is valued at $1,500. Members from the RCMP identification section combed the computer room on Tuesday to attempt to lift fingerprints or any other identification which might lead to the apprehension of the thieves.

October 7, 1992

Reservoir to drop

Surprise! Surprise! The Arrow Reservoir will continue to go down this week. Hydro forecasters say that the discharge at Hugh Keeleyside will be increased this week slightly so the reservoir will continue to draft. It actually held its own last week but us expected to go down from the 1411.6 foot height it was at on Monday. At the same time, Hydro is raising the height of the Duncan reservoir and pulling down Mica and Libby.

October 10, 2002

The great Sunday fishing story


The day started simply enough, three guys headed out for a half day of fishing at Trout Lake. Eleven a.m. on October 6 the Glen Olson Fishing Charter had no fish in the boat. At 11:01 a.m. events changed drastically. The rod on the planer board started to bounce around like crazy. Bob “Hawkeye “ Cliff didn’t miss a beat as he jumped up and set the hook. I was the only one to see the giant fish launch out of the water and it reminded me of a sailfish dancing in the ocean. A half hour went by and we finally managed to catch a glimpse of the giant. Glen Olson was calm to this point. “That’s a 20-pounder!! Keep the rod tip up…don’t pull too hard, Bob,” and on and on the captain went. The official weight from the General Store was 20.25 pounds. What a fish day!