In the days of large porches the Faucher house fit the bill and then some. Situated in Rothwell Bay the home

This Week in History: May 23

This Week in History features a selection of stories from the Arrow Lakes News archives

May 24, 1972 – Airport nears completion

A most amazing metamorphosis has taken place near the Nakusp village dump, and what was wilderness a year ago will be a first class landing strip for aircraft within a few weeks.

The Kinsmen logged the site for money to build the arena and almost got stuck by the government for taxes. Volunteer labour saw a tremendous amount of the site levelled and prepared. Drainage culverts were put into the strip and equipment and operators donated their time, as are contractors.

It is unkind, after such a lot of work has been done in such a quiet, efficient way, that somebody should try to throw dirt on the propellers by starting an unfounded rumour that airplanes cannot land at the field because of the downdrafts from the Kuskanax Creek. We have made an unofficial survey of the pilots we know in the area and there isn’t one who finds any cause for concern from the downdrafts. We wish that these unfounded rumours would cease before the whole project is harmed.

May 23, 2002 – Byline Burpy

The volunteer firemen who worked hard and long on the truck fire up the North Road last week came out with a souvenir. The Mack truck symbol, the bulldog hood ornament, somehow escaped injury during the inferno and when firemen were mopping up they found it intact. They have since mounted it on their own truck because “every fire truck should have a dog mascot.”