This Week in History: June 20

This Week in History features a selection of stories from the Arrow Lakes News archives.

June 18, 1942 – Application cards for coupon rationing of sugar will be mailed to every household next week

Canadians will be required to register so that ration cards, good for the 10-week period commencing July 1, may be issued immediately. At the end of that period a coupon ration book, good for six months, will be issued.

Beginning July 1, no one will be permitted to buy sugar for regular domestic use without a ration coupon.

Remember – the amount of sugar allowed each individual under the new coupon rationing plan will be exactly the same as allowed at present: 1/2 pound per person per week.

June 19, 1952 – Fair warning to all the clean-shaven

This Saturday afternoon the firemen are clamping down on all those without beard licenses, so in the meantime get your license from any local fireman, if you have not already done so.

June 21, 1972 – Letter to the Editor


Last Sunday evening it was observed by myself and others a sing-song being performed by one of our local church groups in front of one of our so-called business establishments when they were very rudely interrupted by a loud-playing radio from inside the building, set up on purpose by the managers.

When this didn’t drive them away, all the lights were turned out. T

his was a very selfish act in the eyes of many people and could be very bad for business. In fact I would like to see the group return next Sunday for another sing-song, undisturbed.

Yours Very Truly, An Observer

June 23, 1982 – New Denver bank to close on August 20

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is closing its New Denver Branch. Effective August 20, 1982 the New Denver Branch will be amalgamated with the Nakusp Branch.

Customers of the branch will be sent a letter explaining the move and ask them to transfer their account to the Nakusp or another CIBC branch of convenience. The 1,200 customers in the area do not justify two viable banking operations in New Denver.

In 1969 when the CIBC opened its doors, the Bank of Montreal had just closed down its operations and the credit union was operating out of a small shack. Since that time, the Kootenay Savings Credit Union has grown vastly in the entire area, built a new modern building in downtown New Denver and taken a lot of the business.

June 24, 1992 – Close encounter of a grizzly kind at Summit Lake

Sylvia and Butch Warrantz had unexpected guests at the front door of their Summit Lake home on the May long weekend.

On Monday morning a grizzly sow and her two cubs came out of the creek behind the house and into the yard. The couple’s two large dogs began barking madly as the bear came closer. One dog ran inside the house, but the other refused to budge. The dog was jumping at the bear and the bear was swatting back.

“Finally we had to pull the dog into the house by the tail,” said Sylvia. The Warrantzes think the bears were looking for a place to cross over to the Summit Lake ski hill to where there is plenty to eat.