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This Week in History: August 1

This Week in History features a selection of stories from the Arrow Lakes News archives.

August 4, 1932 – Carruthers near drowned

Mr. Carruthers had as accident while fishing at 4 a.m. Sunday morning. He had two lines out and got two fish on at the same time. In the excitement, his boat tipped over and he was compelled to swim to shore since he could not free the boat from the anchor. He was all but drowned. Such is fisherman’s luck.


The story of the taking of the 200-pound sturgeon from the Slocan Pool is better than our fish story. It was 8ft. 4 in. long and about 200 pounds. Jack Tindale dragged in the floating fish which he found dead.

July 31, 1952 – Sandon gets new cafe, first in 28 years

Cecil Higgins and Charles Strike have opened a cafe in Sandon, the first since 1924. The cafe is known as the Silver City Cafe and is in the Burns block. The interior has been newly re-decorated with pale green walls with a coral ceiling and trimmings, and red leatherette covering is on the seats and booths. Waitresses are smartly dressed in green and white uniforms. Mr. Strike, well-known in the Slocan, is chef.


The work party of the Nakusp Rod and Gun Club, who went to blast a new creek bed into the lake, report success. A further party will go in again on Sunday to complete the diversion.

August 2, 1972 – Area in boom era

Nakusp and district has entered another one of those short boom periods which come along every once in a while. At the present time, people are flocking to the area “to get away from the city” or “because it is so beautiful and quiet here.” As a result, the price of real estate has risen sharply, and the rental situation seems to be a long way out of line. There just doesn’t seem to be enough rental space to take care of those wishing to settle in something before making the plunge to build. It is a healthy sign when there are more people than there are houses to put them up, but we hope it doesn’t inconvenience people for too long. A quick check of the town and surrounding district will show you what an upsurge in building is going on at the present time. Several new homes are being built and many others are being renovated.

August 4, 1982 – Nakusp library has computer for demonstrations

The Nakusp Public Library is playing host to an Apple computer for two weeks and the public is invited to come and see what the computer rage is all about. Since computers are new to the staff of the library, it would be beneficial if the person wishing to use the computer knows something about the machine. The Apple computer is programmed with a metric program to help the user learn the metric system. The residents of Nakusp are invited to come and see and operate this Apple computer.