The ritual presentations of confirmations and awards given out to young Catholics attending the Nakusp church was an event splendidly portrayed in this photo where dozens of bouquets contrast with the snow-white dresses and shirts.

This Week in History: April 11

This Week in History features a selection of stories from the Arrow Lakes News archives.

April 14, 1932 – Cure the worry habit

How often do we hear the expression “Why worry?” Well indeed, why worry? No good results come out of worry. It kills sleep, impairs the appetite and dulls the nerve centres of the brain. What is it that makes such mental attitude react upon the general health? It is because the emotions affect the heart to a great extent. That most important organ of the body suffers. The worrying habit saps the vitality. Of course, some worries are justifiable. But the petty worries of life set up a mighty toll. Your life depends very much on the condition of your heart. It helps immensely to keep cheerful; be sanguine and philosophical about things as they come along. Why not take both success and adversity with equanimity? By learning to control the emotions, years are added to your life, and better health as well. It doesn’t pay to worry.

April 10, 1952 – Nakusp boy scouts have marble tournament

Saturday afternoon arrived none to soon for the Nakusp Boy Scouts. A marble tournament was to take  place at 1:30. The high school grounds provided a perfect setting. A small carnival, including marble throwing, air rifle shoot and marble toss, preceded the tournament. In the evening a wiener roast was held at the beach.

April 12, 1962 – Quick Canadian quiz

1. Name the two Canadians who were co-discoverers of insulin.

2. In the House of Commons only who may introduce a bill involving the spending by the governments of the public’s money?

3. On the average, how many persons in the Canadian family?

4. What was Canada’s first radio broadcasting station?

5. How many mills are there in Canada’s primary textile industry? 150, 350 or 700?

Answers: 5) Over 700. 4) Station XWA, now CFCF in Montreal. 3) 3.8 persons. 2) Only by a member of the cabinet. 1) Sir Frederick Banting and Dr. C.H. Best.

April 14, 1982 – Nakusp fishermen take most prizes

The Fauquier Fire Brigade fish derby held over the weekend was a success. Financially, the firemen will be able to  put some money aside for the much needed facilities. The fishing derby was a success despite the weather and low number of registrations. Forty-eight contestants entered the derby along the Arrow Lakes with the majority of prizes going to fishermen from Nakusp.

The biggest rainbow trout was taken by Stan Fellows of Nakusp and weighed three pounds, six ounces. His prize for the fish was a floater vest. Terry Fulko of Nakusp was second with a one pound, seven ounce trout and a $20 gift certificate. Fred Wolfe of Fauquier was third with a 1 pound, 3 ounce trout and he collected a boat paddle.

The Dolly Varden were more numerous and a little larger with Jerry Fulko of Nakusp landing the largest which was an 11 pound,13 ounce beauty. For his efforts he won a floater jacket. The second largest dolly was taken by Richard Henke of Nakusp and weighed in at nine pounds, 5.5 ounces and he won a tackle box. Steve Brinker of Nakusp was third with a seven pound, two ounce beauty and he won a rod and reel. John Ewings of Edgewood won the seniors prize for a dolly weighing four pounds, 10 ounces. His prize was a rod and reel.

Emil Rutski of Edgewood was closest to the money for total weight guess and took that prize. His guess was 131 pounds.

There were two hidden weight draws, one at the Fauquier weigh in station and one in Nakusp. In Fauquier Fred Wolfe won with a weight of four pounds, six ounces and won a dinner for two at the Homestyle Restaurant in Fauquier.

In Nakusp Jerry Fulko and Lyle Hascarl tied with a hidden weight of three pounds, 12 ounces and won a dinner for two at the Lord Minto.

Jock Whitelaw, organizer of the event, said Monday that the firemen would likely hold the event a little later next year because it is still pretty cold on the lake and many fishermen haven’t launched their boats for the year.

April 8, 1992 – Labour disruptions at hospital cause closure of some services

The Hospital’s Employee Union (H.E.U.) has begun taking job action at the Arrow Lakes Hospital. Currently some services are being curtailed, or in some instances stopped.

All Diet counselling and Diabetic Clinics will be cancelled throughout interruption.  The Emergency Department will remain open for Emergencies.

“Your co-operation in the use of this service is greatly appreciated. If you have an alternative we would ask that you consider using it before coming to the hospital. This would include things for which you could see your doctor at the clinic. If you are in doubt, please call for advice,” said Cathy Leahy, Administrator.

Should picketing occur, there may be further reduction in service.