A husky snowblower proves to be successful way to clear the highway in the seventies. With the completion of the new roads south to Fauquier and north to Revelstoke

This Week in History: March 7

This Week in History features a selection of stories from the Arrow Lakes News archives

March 5, 1942

Handkerchief shower for bombed victims is staged at Nakusp.

A handkerchief shower for civilian men, women and children of bombed areas of Britain was a feature of the monthly meeting of the Arrow Lakes Branch of the Red Cross, held in the Knights Pythias Hall Thursday. The appeal for handkerchiefs met with a wholehearted response from lake points as well as from local citizens. In the absence of the President, the Vice President, Mrs. H. Jordan presided at the business session. The Branch constitution was studied and adopted. A number of letters from overseas boys who have received Christmas parcels were read.

March 8, 1962

Education Is important

In Canadian lives education is the best thing we have ever known. All people of the world cannot have education, but I am sure they would give anything to be taught more of some profession which they love. Canada is lucky. All boys and girls, men and women may have an education. Without education no one can get anywhere. Many people quit school at sixteen but at twenty regret it. These people can go to night school or take correspondence. From the fourth to the tenth of March it is Education Week. Parents may go to any school to see any child’s work. All children need encouragement so please be interested.

March 8, 1972

Summer caretaker at Nakusp Springs announced

Nakusp Hot Springs Park is to have a caretaker this summer. In a letter to the Village of Nakusp, Burt Campbell, MLA, has stated that a man will be hired June 15 to September 15 on a seven day a week basis. He would be responsible for keeping the park clean, enforcing the Park Act and Regulations, and keeping a running survey of park use for park planning purposes. He will be employed as a Park Assistant 2, Step 1 and would be employed under the direction of the District Park Officers in Nelson. Council was asked to submit the name of a competent, local man for the position. The Village of Nakusp has been asking for a Caretaker at the park for a long time and through the efforts of Mr. Campbell, the minister agreed this year.

March 3, 1982

Byline Burpy

The idea of a bed and breakfast in old in Germany and Austria. Take Oberammergau, for instance, every ten years they stage a Passion Play in that small community. They put up about 10,000 people every night for three months during the run of the play and they don’t have many more hotels than Nakusp. How? They put the visitors up in private homes. The added income is very welcome to the townspeople and everyone benefits from the experience. I’m not suggesting that we stage a Passion Play every ten years, but we could at least develop a registry of extra rooms.

March 7, 2002

School District 10 hit hard by funding

School District Number 10 (Arrow Lakes) was hit hard by the new funding formula announced  by the Provincial Government and released to Board Chairs, Superintendents and Secretary Treasurers on Friday March 1.

Our initial projections indicate a reduction in funding over 11 per cent in the next two years. Our current budget is just over seven million and we are looking at projected cuts if $480,000 for the 2002/03 school year and $350,000 for the 2003/04 school year.

“As the School Board enters into its budget process, we will be looking for ways to implement these reductions so they will have the least impact on students. No easy task with this magnitude of loss,” said Chair Cindee Morehouse.