The Summit Lake Winter Carnival Downhill Dummy Race witnessed Adam McQuair took home the Trinity McQuair memorial trophy.

Racers wrap up season with Winter Carnival

Up at Summit Lake, there was more than just St. Patrick’s Day going on. It was winter carnival time.

Up at Summit Lake, there was more than just St. Patrick’s Day going on. It was winter carnival time, the wrap for the Summit Lake and Nancy Green Racers’ season. Deanne Katchen organized a terrific carnival and the kids had tons of fun.

The weather mostly held and the sun came through for the Downhill Dummy event, so named because the constructed dummy that made it furthest, fastest and with the most style won. Third place for Crowd Pleaser went to Danger Dave, created by Foster Katchen and David Nixon who made the jump but then split in half. His head came away and unfortunately only his feet made it to the finish line. Second place for Most Original went to Pink Crapper the brainchild of Connor and Trish McQuair. The name speaks for itself!  First place was awarded to Gordie Guiness, the dummy who came out of the Jackson/Swan family laboratory. Congratulations to Gordie who made it over the jump and to the finish in one piece.

As the photos show, there was enthusiastic participation in the Jello eating contest, and the cake walk was also a big hit for the day.

Adam McQuair walked away with the Trinity McQuair Memorial Trophy, which he was awarded in recognition of his steady and reliable help throughout the season.

Improvement was also rewarded, and Zoe Zinselmeyer and Cameron Mackintosh were given the honour by the Nancy Green Racers. Margaret Andrews and Adam Fox were chosen as the most improved high school snow boarders, and Claire Jackson and Jesse Katchen as the most improved high school skiers. Mexican exchange student Luis garnered special mention for learning how to ski with the high school team this year. Grab some snow in Mexico and keep up the good work, Luis!