NSS Principal Susan Paterson’s message to the grads captured the humorous and adaptable spirit of the ceremony and the grads themselves .

NSS Principal’s Message

Susan Paterson bid farewell to the fun, and slightly annoying, grads of 2012


Last week the school was serenaded in the halls at lunch by a group of boisterous grade 12 singers, giving a slightly off-key rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. You were joyful and carefree – and slightly annoying – seemingly without a care in the world.

Then earlier this week there was a group of similar students standing in a circle talking about the fact that in less than a week they would be done with high school classes and almost graduated.

There was some excitement and joy, but mostly I heard shock, amazement, and some outright fear. And that is exactly where you are supposed to be in your journey.

The mysterious future is a little scary for everyone but those unknown factors are what allow for unlimited possibilities.

Can you imagine the boredom of knowing your entire future with no allowances for changing your mind, trying something different, hoping for the best, or daring to dream?

Right now you are poised on the brink of great discovery, making new connections, travelling to new cities, living by yourself for the first time, and becoming citizens of the world. Everything that is exciting, frightening and completely wonderful!

It has been a distinct pleasure working with you over the past five years as you are a group that is fun and hard-working, humorous and, yes, sometimes annoying – but in just the right proportions.

I know that having that balance in your lives will enable you to have major success through hard work and dedication, and then carve out time to celebrate those achievements.

On behalf of Nakusp Secondary teachers and staff I wish you well. We will all miss you but we know it is time for you to move on.

With your amazing potential you have unlimited opportunities in front of you and unlimited career choices – although a few of you may want to rethink the singing career.