Members from all over the community brought congratulations and hugs for grads at the ceremony.

Graduation 2012 Address from School District 10

Pattie Adam gave a balanced farewell to the grads.

Good afternoon Graduates I have been given the honour of bringing greetings from School District 10 Arrow Lakes.

Out of all the things I recall from my days in high school was the scientific law that for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. This law provides a balance among all that is known to us, the yin and the yang and all things black and white.

There are the naysayers, who will argue that there are areas of grey which may skew and complicate things, but in reality, what is grey, if not just another shade of black or white?

Whether we like it or not we will be faced and challenged through life by this balancing act, trying to maintain  harmony with just the right amount of black and the right amount of white.

As a result, it brings us to why we are here today, recognizing your efforts that have resulted in your graduation. You have succeeded in maintaining this balance and harmony, and in continuing so, you will have many successes in the future that lies before you. Congratulations to you, the Graduating Class of 2012 and the best of luck in all your endeavors.